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LegalForce UK is a modern, innovative law firm based in London. This is reflected in the fees we charge for our services. Wherever possible we provide fixed fees or put a cap on the amount of charges you will incur. For litigation and Personal Injury cases we work on a Conditional Fee Agreement whereby we only get paid if we win your case. Further details of our charges are detailed below. Please contact us if you require further details.

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All applications for the registration of a trademark in the United Kingdom through LegalForce are managed by licensed U.K. Solicitors at the firm of LegaForce UK in London.


U.K. Standard Trademark Registration Package

+ govt fees

In the Standard Package, filing a trademark application is easy and painless. You will be guided through a simple workflow to fill out the information needed to publish your trademark on Trademarkia or file your trademark with the government.


U.K. Plus Trademark Registration Package

+ govt fees

In the Plus Package, it includes everything in the Standard package plus: (1) One year of trademark notice monitoring (a £100 value), (2) Cease and desist letter forms package, (3) Form of Transfer Agreement.


U.K. Gold Trademark Registration Package

+ govt fees

In the Gold Package, it includes everything in the Plus package plus: (1) Top Global Trademark Lawyer Consultation, (2) Priority Trademarkia processing of your search and application, (3) PDF of your trademark application materials.