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Metal building materials; Fittings, Ground anchors and post supports of metal; Small articles of metal hardware. Building materials (non-metallic); Non-metallic transportable buildings; Building materials of wood; Semi-worked timber; Sawn timber, Wood for building; Fences, Gates, Arbours, Piles, Laths, Profiles, Mouldings, Masts, Palisading, Posts, Wall partitions, Cladding, Trellis, rose arches, staircase elements (stair treads (steps), stringers (parts of staircases), stair components (all being not of metal)), banister rails, privacy screens, Palisades, Edging for flower beds, Glazed ceramic tiles, Floors of wood and Planks, the aforesaid goods being of wood. Furniture; Goods (not included in other classes) of wood; Outdoor furniture; The aforesaid goods of class 20 other than pillows and mattresses, all for use with beds, and other than beds; Buckets (containers), Racks [furniture], Log stores, composters, Containers, Containers, Plant tables, plant boxes and raised flower b...

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  • Metal Products
  • Non-Metallic Building Material Products
  • Furniture Products
  • Toys and Sporting Goods Products
  • Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services
metal   building   materials   fittings     ground   anchors   post   supports   metal   small   articles   metal   hardware       building   materials   nonmetallic   nonmetallic   transportable   buildings   building   materials   wood   semiworked   timber   sawn   timber     wood   building   fences     gates     arbours  
On Friday, June 21, 2013, an european community trademark registration was filed for Silvan   by   SILVAN Sp. zo.o. Jaski 18c, Olecko PL 19-400. The OHIM has given the trademark application number of . The current status of this trademark filing is . The correspondent listed for Silvan is BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT   of   Hollerallee 32, Bremen, DE 28209 . The Silvan trademark is filed in the category of Metal Products , Non-Metallic Building Material Products , Furniture Products , Toys and Sporting Goods Products , Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services .
Word Mark: Silvan
Status Date:
Application Number: 011919826
Filing Date: 21/06/2013
Registration Date: 13/11/2013
Type of Mark: Figurative
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: No
Filing Language: German
Secondary Language: English
Last Applicant/Owner: Jaski 18c
Olecko PL 19-400
Hollerallee 32
DE 28209
Logo Design Information
Design Search:
01.03.20: Sun representing a human face or the head of an animal
01.15.11: Clouds, fog, vapor, smoke
05.01.03: Trees or bushes of some other shape
05.01.06: Two trees or two bushes
05.01.10: Conifers
Classification / Goods and Services Information
Class Code: 006
Class Description: Metal Products
Goods & Services: Baumaterialien aus Metall; Beschläge, Bodenanker und Pfostenträger aus Metall; Kleineisenwaren.
Class Code: 019
Class Description: Non-Metallic Building Material Products
Goods & Services: Baumaterialien (nicht aus Metall); transportable Bauten (nicht aus Metall); Baumaterialien aus Holz; teilweise bearbeitetes Holz; Schnittholz, Konstruktionsholz; Zäune, Tore, Lauben, Pfähle, Latten, Profile, Profilleisten, Masten, Pfahlzäune, Pfosten, Trennwände, Verkleidungen, Rankhilfen, Rosenbögen, Treppenelemente (Treppenstufen, Treppenwangen, Treppenbauteile (alle nicht aus Metall)), Treppengeländer, Sichtschutz, Palisaden, Beetumrandungen, Fliesen, Dielen und Bohlen, vorgenannte Waren aus Holz.
Class Code: 020
Class Description: Furniture Products
Goods & Services: Möbel; Waren, soweit sie nicht in andere Klassen enthalten sind, aus Holz; Möbel für den Outdoor-Bereich; vorgenannte Waren der Klasse 20 unter Ausschluss von Kopfkissen und Matratzen, sämtlich zur Verwendung mit Betten, und unter Ausschluss von Betten; Kübel (Behälter), Regale, Kaminholzregale, Komposter, Container, Behälter, Pflanztische, Pflanzkästen und Hochbeete; Treppenelemente (Treppenbeschläge und Treppenleisten (alle nicht aus Metall)), vorgenannte Waren aus Holz.
Class Code: 028
Class Description: Toys and Sporting Goods Products
Goods & Services: Spiele, Spielzeug; Turn- und Sportartikel, soweit sie nicht in anderen Klassen enthalten sind; Turngeräte, Spielgeräte und daraus zusammengestellte Spielanlagen, allesamt aus Holz; Bausätze für die vorgenannten Waren; Rutschen, Schaukeln, Sandkästen, Klettergeräte und Kletterspielzeug, Spielhäuser und Wippen.
Class Code: 042
Class Description: Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services
Goods & Services: Bauplanung, Konstruktionsplanung und Design von Baumaterialien aus Holz, Bauelementen aus Holz, Bauten aus Holz, Möbelelementen und Möbeln aus Holz, Spielen, Spielzeugen, Geräten und Spielanlagen aus Holz; technologische Dienstleistungen und diesbezügliche Designerdienstleistungen in den vorgenannten Produktbereichen.

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Africa - Kenya (£495.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Africa - Lesotho (£619.00 /Class) Total Cost 
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Africa - Morocco (£495.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Africa - Mozambique (£619.00 /Class) Total Cost 
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Africa - South Africa (£499.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Africa - Sudan (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
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America - Argentina (£439.00 /Class) Total Cost 
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America - Panama (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
America - Paraguay (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
America - Peru (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
America - Puerto Rico (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
America - United States of America (£99.00 /Class) Total Cost 
America - Uruguay (£379.00 /Class) Total Cost 
America - Venezuela (£499.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Afghanistan (£429.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Algeria (£439.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Bangladesh (£379.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Bhutan (£379.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - China (£219.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Hong Kong (SAR), China (£379.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - India (£123.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Indonesia (£379.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Asia - Israel (£439.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Japan (£619.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Kazakhstan (£433.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Kuwait (£371.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Malaysia (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Maldives (£1,109.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Nepal (£495.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Pakistan (£247.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Philippines (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Republic of Korea (£309.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Singapore (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Sri Lanka (£371.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Taiwan (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Asia - Thailand (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Austria (£371.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Belarus (£799.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Benelux (£559.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - British Virgin Islands (£429.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Bulgaria (£439.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Croatia (£559.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Cyprus (£379.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Czech Republic (£749.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Denmark (£379.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - European Union (CTM) (£469.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
A Community Trade Mark is any trademark which is pending registration or has been registered in the European Union as a whole (rather than on a national level within the EU).[Why CTM?]
Europe - France (£249.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Germany (£379.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Greece (£269.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Hungary (£379.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Italy (£371.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Madrid Protocol (WIPO) (£1,239.00 /Class) Total Cost 
The Madrid Protocal provides a mechanism whereby a trademark owner who has an existing trademark application or registration in a member jurisdiction may obtain an international registration for their trademark from the World Intellectual Property Organisation. [Why Madrid Protocal?]
Europe - Norway (£495.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Poland (£369.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Portugal (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Romania (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Russian Federation (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Serbia (£549.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Slovak Republic (£739.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Spain (£299.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Sweden (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Switzerland (£559.00 /3 Classes) Total Cost 
Europe - Turkey (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - Ukraine (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Europe - United Kingdom (£289.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Bahrain (£439.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Gaza (£439.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Iran (£681.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Iraq (£619.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Jordan (£495.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Lebanon (£371.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Oman (£433.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Qatar (£439.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Saudi Arabia (£619.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Syria (£619.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - United Arab Emirates (£599.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - West Bank – Palestine (£369.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Middle East - Yemen (£379.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Oceania - Australia (£185.00 /Class) Total Cost 
Oceania - New Zealand (£371.00 /Class) Total Cost 
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